Six Workouts and a Nor’Easter

Guess a Frankenstorm wasn’t enough for us on the east coast. Mother Nature threw in a Nor’Easter and dumped about six inches of snow on us and close to a foot in towns more north. Thursday morning found me pulling out the snow blower for the first time (fingers crossed I won’t be doing that anytime soon).  The snow was heavy and wet and I was very grateful for my snow blower.

Thursday was one of my planned rest days as was Saturday. The other days? Pilates, strength training and cardio. A nice blend of variety. Right now I feel like I should be doing more because I have done more but I’m getting back into a regular fitness routine and I’m torn between the “more is better” and “don’t overdo”. I’m trying to find the balance that lies somewhere in between those two mindsets.

What I did and When I did it:

Monday – Pilates class

Tuesday – 30 min treadmill

Wednesday – Firm Time Crunch express workout

Thursday – rest

Friday – Firm Time crunch express workout

Saturday – rest

Sunday – treadmill

How was your week? What workouts did you do?



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