Healthy Chick… Meet Mushrooms

I admit it, I’ve been anti-mushrooms forever.  I’m not sure when it started. Growing up we never had mushrooms and I often found the texture of mushrooms unappealing when we dined out. So it’s been second nature for me to either pick or push away any mushrooms on my main dish.

Until now.

I tried a new recipe that was heavy on the mushrooms. And it was delicious!

Acorn Squash Stuffed with Mushrooms.

I served the stuffed squash with a side of spaghetti and spinach in a goat cheese and spinach sauce.

Meanwhile, our baby turkey, BB (short for Baby Bird), popped up outside my kitchen window standing on the patio wall. BB and his/her (?) mom, Stella, appeared in our backyard about two months ago. It’s been fun watching BB grow but I have to say he/she is making it hard for me to even think about roasting a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

Of course, I’m rethinking our main dish for Thanksgiving. It may sound silly, but I don’t think I can roast a turkey with Stella and BB hanging around. That stuffed Acorn squash was pretty hearty.



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