The Firm: Pump, Jump & Jab

I am a Firm Believer. I have been one for over twelve years. I remember my first Firm video tape workout. Our local grocery store had a video rental store inside of it and I went in one day to rent an exercise video and I came across the Firm’s Time Crunch video with Susan Harris. I took it home and used it. I used it again and then I went back to the store and rented Volume One with Susan Harris. Trust me, the Time Crunch video didn’t prepare me for Volume One. OMG. At over 40 pounds overweight the workout nearly killed me and I was sold. I ordered Firm workouts and began my fitness journey.

The Firm Pump,Jump & Jab

Right now I have many, many Firm workouts in my cabinet and I love most of them. One of my newer workouts is Pump, Jump and Jab with Kelsie Daniels as the lead instructor. I really love this workout and I love Kelsie as an instructor. For me, she’s right up there with Susan Harris. Kelsie is tough, motivating and fun. What more could you ask for? Oh, she’s a good instructor too.

Do you love the Firm and kickboxing?

Pump, Jump & Jab is a 45 minute workout that combines Firm moves with kickboxing. You’ll need a couple pairs of dumb bells, light and medium weights. There’s no yelling, and Kelsie is not in your face. She’s motivating and encouraging and fun.

Kelsie’s cueing is good and the music isn’t annoying and the choreography is easy to learn. Kelsie moves seamlessly between toning segments and kickboxing sequences. And it’s fun. This is one workout that I really enjoy doing and it hasn’t gotten old.

This is one of those workouts that what you bring to the workout is what you’ll get out of it.



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