Stack Your Bones

Tonight was my second Pilates class and it was great! Where I work offers Pilates classes after work and last week I took a complimentary class to check it out. I was hooked. This past Monday was supposed to be the first class of a six-week session but it was canceled because of Hurricane Sandy.  Life is starting to get back to normal in this small area of Connecticut (in light of the severe damage along the tri-state area, we got off very lucky)but because some of the other students couldn’t come because of lack of power at their homes, Rose still held class but didn’t count it as a part of the six-week session. And, tonight I had a private Pilates class since I was the only student.

Since she noted that I had good form, good strength and in pretty much in decent shape, she decided to challenge me a bit tonight and I’m beginning to feel it. For one hour we moved from exercise to exercise and she made adjustments to my form when needed. And after a few days of poor eating (thanks to Halloween candy and no power for a little bit) I really needed this workout.  I think that this one night a week, 1 hour workout will be a great addition to my regular workouts.

Last week I loved one of Rose’s sayings, “Stack your Bones”. Slowly, precisely, bone by bone come back to a neutral position being mindful of the movement.

After the class I felt worked out, not beaten up. That’s always a good thing.

Now I just have to decide what workout I’ll do tomorrow. Right now I’m leaning toward a cardio session. A little Zumba, treadmill or the Urban Rebounder? Hmmm.