Standing Hundreds, Anyone?

Until Monday night I thought that Hundreds were only done on the mat and that those Hundreds were the hardest exercise in Pilates. Apparently, I was wrong.

Our Pilates teacher introduced us to a whole new way to do the Hundreds.

This exercise got its name because you hold the exercise for 100 beats. 5 breaths in and 5 breaths out and repeat for a total of a 100. Legs slightly lifted, head lifted and hands beating downward in conjunction with your breaths. This exercise is usually done at the beginning of the class because it warms up your whole body. And it’s great for increasing abdominal strength.

So since it’s so good on the mat, where it does hit the abs, lets bring it up and stand while doing it. We began easy. Standing, feet hip width apart, begin breathing and beating the arms to the breaths. Simple, right? Yes. Lets lift one leg, balance on the other and continue breathing and beating the arms.

Abs are targeted but it’s your balance and body control that is challenged. Doing the Hundreds standing wasn’t any easier than doing them on the mat rather it challenged me in a different way.

And isn’t that what exercise is supposed to do? Challenge us? Whether it’s for losing weight or maintaining a certain weight, exercise should push us to step out of our comfort zone.



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