Aging Gracefully, The Survey Says

A survey was done with 2,000 women in the UK and it turns out that the age of 59 is when a woman should start to age gracefully. According to them, when that birthday comes kiss your red lipstick goodbye, kick off your high heels, peel off the acrylics and become more natural.

More natural?

There’s more. After age 40 you should not don a baseball cap or apply a faux tan.


If I took this survey result seriously I would find getting older sucks. You can’t hide a bad hair day, you have to live with pale skin (no tan, no red lips) and be short.

Of course I know that at some point in our lives we have to let go of the short skirts, but right now they’re not leaving my closet. Don’t even try to pry my knee-high suede heeled boots out of my hands (apparently I should have stopped wearing them at 41 but I didn’t discover them until 45, guess I’m a late-bloomer). I think as individuals we need to make our own decisions of when it’s time to pull clothing out of our closets or remove cosmetics from our makeup bags. While a faux tan may look absurd on one 50+ woman, it may look perfectly fine on another.

I guess one of the best things about aging is that we don’t have to listen to what other people say. We are old enough to make our own decisions, whether it’s about retirement planning or the height of my high heels.



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