Cardio Backlash, Really?

“Is Cardio Making You Fat?”is an article that makes me stop flipping the pages in a magazine. And that’s what happened when I was reading my new issue of Body Fit magazine.

The article discussed the effect of intense cardio on our body.

According to one researcher, long cardio sessions break down muscle tissue and stresses our body in a way that increases cortisol in our body.

Cortisol has been linked to weight gain.

So, a sweatfest of a workout may backfire on us.


Interesting. Add aging, which also sets our hormones out of whack and toss in day-to-day life which is filled with stress, which has a negative effect on our bodies…seems like a vicious cycle.

Some may decide to throw their hands up and give up.

I guess that’s an option for some. But not for me.

The takeaway of the article was to lift weights, modify cardio workouts.

It would be nice if everything was black and white but life isn’t and aging definitely isn’t. I think I prefer it that way. Because if it was black and white, I wouldn’t be able to add any color.



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