Fitness Myths Busted

Being 40-something I’ve been around the fitness block a few times so I’ve learned a thing or two over the years. One of my favorite topics is fitness myths. You know, the urban legends of the gym world.

Now, I am going to address three of the most common myths/legends from my own perspective based on my life experience. Keep in mind that these are my own personal views and as with every piece of fitness advice, you should check with your own fitness professional and/or doctor.

So lets start examining some myths.

#1 Exercising in the morning is the best time to exercise.

We are told that we burn more fat in the morning and that once the workout is done we don’t have to worry about exercising later in the day. Well, it turns out that there is some info that shows exercising first thing may actually be slowing down our metabolism because we are burning glycogen and protein for energy which may lead to muscle loss. I have found that morning workouts don’t work for me. I’ve tried over and over again to become a morning exerciser but my peak performance has been and probably will always be in the afternoon. So I have learned that the best time to workout whatever time works for you. Radical, huh?

#2 I worked out so I can eat whatever I want.

So not true. Been there, done that and guess what? Gained weight. Working out does not give you license to eat whatever is in your sight. You do need to keep your body fueled so that you get the most out of your workouts but your fuel should be nutritious. Exercise and good nutrition make a perfect couple, so keep it clean.

#3 No pain means no gain.

Over training is never a good thing. More isn’t always better and I’m very glad I realized that at an early age otherwise I’m certain that now I would be feeling the effects of working out too much and too hard. And now as I’m in my forties I make sure that I don’t over train and allow my muscles to heal after each workout.

What are the fitness myths that you’ve once believed but have learned that they are really myths?


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