Are You Adding Years to Your Appearance?

Remember the days when we wanted to look ten years older? Our teen years. We wanted to look old enough to do certain things that were totally…legal. There, I said it. Whether it was to get into a “R” rated movie or buy a drink at a bar or get into a nightclub, we wanted to look older. But these days? We really don’t want to look older. So, what are the little things that we are doing that age us?

Woman’s Day magazine has a list of 10 ways women make themselves look older. Yes, they have given us a heads-up on what we shouldn’t be doing. I’m certain every Healthy Chick will be grateful for that. I checked out the list of those dastardly offenders…just to make sure I wasn’t guilty of any of them.


I’m not guilty.

But, I’m going to share five of the offenses with you now (not in any particular order)and the take-away lesson you should learn. Check out the complete survey for more information.

#1 Dyeing Your Hair Blonde

Blonde doesn’t mean youthful for every woman. We need to be mindful of your skin tone. I’m a natural blonde and the color I use is my natural color, golden blonde. But as I age, I may need to change up the color so that it flatters my skin tone.

#2 Skimping on Deep Conditioning

Aging hair needs moisture. Try a hair mask or deep conditioning product once a week. And I use Moroccan Oil every day on my hair and I love it. Battles the frizz while keeping my hair soft.

#3 Wearing old bras

Need I say more? Okay, as we age our bodies change but old bras don’t. The right bra will not only lift the girls (always a sign of youthfulness) and help improve your posture.

#4 Wearing Dull Colors

Dull colors do nothing to brighten our skin tone, especially around the face. Banish the dullness in your wardrobe.

#5 Wearing Baggy Clothes

Yes, comfort is a good thing but baggy clothes can add pounds which can add years to our appearance. Ditch the baggy, resist the tight-fitting and choose well-tailored clothing.

It looks like I’ve been navigating the rough waters of aging pretty good so far but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t from time to time do a re-assessment of my appearance. It’s when we become complacent and comfortable that bad behaviors take hold. And we never want to develop bad behaviors.

But we do want chocolate!

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and look at what I found waiting for me.

021513 006

The milk chocolate assortment. My favorite. I didn’t wait to dig into the box. πŸ™‚

021513 008

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


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