Looking for Something Different

At the end of the episode of the season premiere of Smash, Derek told Karen to find “something different” since their Broadway play Bombshell looked to be dead in the water. I’ve been looking for something different with my workouts.

I tried a yoga class. I really enjoyed it. But I wasn’t completely comfortable in the class.

I tried a Pilates class. I loved it. I opted not to take a second session because of my work schedule but now since things are settling down a bit, I’m thinking about signing up for another 6 week session.

But even with the prospect of going to a Pilates class once a week, I want something different. I think I’m looking to step outside of my comfort zone.

I’ve found two workouts that definitely would push me outside of my comfort zone.

Krav Maga and Crossfit.

Krav Maga Street Defense is the hand-to-hand self-defense and fitness system developed for use by the Israeli Defense Forces. No argument there that it is something different, right?

Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program that is used by many law enforcement agencies, fire departments and military organizations. Yes, that is something different.

Then I’ve been considering horseback riding. I used to take weekly riding lessons and I have occasionally thought about going back to riding. It was a great inner thigh workout.

It turns out I have a few options. While I’m curious about CrossFit, I’m a little leery of the intensity of the workout. Same concern with the Krav Maga.

The Pilates and horseback riding are looking pretty good to me know. It would be nice to have some new workouts for the spring. Maybe that’s the whole reason I’m looking for new workouts. Spring. Warmer temps and longer days.

Am I the only one looking for something different to shake up my workout? What workout would you like to try this spring?



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