Three Items, One Goal

Spring is just days away and that means summer is just around the corner. It would be nice to slim down just a little. Just a few pounds and a few inches. This means there’s no more messing around, no excuses will be tolerated and I’m going to use my weekly Pilates class as the kick-off of my spring slimdown.

Hmm. Spring slimdown. I like that. 🙂

For a little bit of motivation, I pulled out three items that I want to fit into without feeling like I was stuffed into them.

I love, love, love this skirt. Leopard print and a classic pencil skirt, it’s perfect with shirts, sweaters, cardigans and a great pair of pumps.

030713 026

This shirt has been a go-to for quite sometime. I really like the color and the ease of wear.

030713 021

Shorts. A necessary evil in the warmer weather. I’d like to feel more confident in them.

030713 028

On April 7th I am going to try them on and see how they fit. Then on May 7th I’ll have another fitting with them. Fingers crossed that in 2 months each item will be falling off of me. Okay, maybe that’s a little unrealistic. I’ll take “roomy”.

Maybe I’ll even put on a pair of my shorts and shirt with some wedges.

030713 022

Are you planning your own spring slimdown?



2 thoughts on “Three Items, One Goal

  1. I read on your blog that you’re nixing sugar. Great thing to do. And your post was a little wake-up call because sugar is sneaky and finds its way into your day where you least expect it. I’m loving Pilates and I plan on supplementing my weekly class with an at-home session.

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