Obsessive or Healthy?

Some may call my love of exercising a healthy obsession.

Others may call my vast collection of exercise dvds/videos obsessive.

Tomato. Tomatoe. Healthy. Obsessive.

Sticks and stones can hurt my bones (but if I have good bone density from working out…), but names will harm me. By the way, labeling people is not very nice.

I am a collector of exercise dvds/videos. And I have a vast collection I found out the other day when I got a jump start on spring cleaning.

030713 011

Spread out on my kitchen’s island was my fitness journey. From the very first ones I purchased over 13 years ago to the most recent ones purchased in January. It was like looking through a time capsule from where I began to where I am today.

Not in the collection were a Richard Simmons Sweatin’ to the Oldies, a Cory Everson sculpting video, a Denise Austin aerobic workout and a step dvd that I can’t recall the name of – it was from a workout show that was on early in the morning and the guy on the show was named Kendall. I loved that video.

These are the two workouts that really started my fitness journey. The Firm. Susan Harris was the lead instructor and still to this day I could do the Volume 1 workout in my sleep. Once a week, every Monday I did that workout. The floorwork is unbeatable, your legs don’t feel a burn, they are on fire. Squats, overhead presses and cardio segments that suck the breath out of you. It’s an awesome workout. I love that workout.

030713 014

I became a Firm Believer and I still own many, many Firm workouts. Though I did thin our my collection of Firm workouts but I kept the ones I truly enjoy. I also pulled out some other workouts for various reasons. But the number one reason was because I hadn’t done the workout in a long time. Sure, I may go through periods when I’m all about dance aerobics or power-walking (Leslie Sansone) but there were a lot of workouts that I hadn’t done in ages. There are new workouts I want and I need space to for them.

This thinning out of my collection also gave me the opportunity to neatly organize my videos.

030713 016

030713 017

030713 018

030713 019

030713 020

These aren’t just dvds/videos. Each has played a part in my fitness journey. From overweight and sedentary to healthier and active. With my interest in Pilates growing, I don’t know where I’ll be in another six months or year. I’m excited to find out and I hope that I’ll be sharing the journey with you.



4 thoughts on “Obsessive or Healthy?

  1. Your DVD collection looks like my fitness mag collection. Once a year my husband makes me thin them out since I get three or four most months. Now that I have Kindle he can’t stop me from purchasing!

    There are some great Pilates DVDs but none are like what you’d do in a studio that I’ve found.

    1. It’s good to know I’m not alone. I agree with your advice about a live Pilates class. I am getting so much more out of going to a class. The dvds are going to be a nice supplement to my class, which I am thinking of adding an additional class during the week.

  2. When Borders was going out of business I stocked up on a lot of my favorite fitness DVDs that I used to always rent via Netflix. Mari Winsor and Ana Caban are my favorite Pilates instructors (via DVDs).

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