Ten Tips To Gear Up For Your Slimdown

Over coffee I was asked what’s the secret to weight loss. I didn’t hesitate. There’s no secret. It’s just making the decision to make a change. I know, life interferes and throws obstacles at us at every turn. But if we truly want a change, it takes effort and planning.

Hmmm. Maybe planning is the secret.

While we finished our coffee, I started sharing some of the things that have worked for me and some of the things I plan on doing to lose a few pounds. And I thought I’d share them with you. Before we left the coffee shop I had come up with ten quick, simple things we can all do. Maybe you don’t need all ten, maybe you are already doing of few of these, and maybe you have some of your own tips you’d like to share. Here goes mine.

1. Set a goal – This is a biggie but it doesn’t need to be big. Setting small goals that are achievable will better serve you in the long run. Need to lose 20 pounds? Start with a small goal of 5 pounds. All those mini-goals add up to one BIG success.

2. See a vision – I’m not talking ghosts, I’m talking about visualizing yourself the way you want to look. Slender hips? Flatter stomach? Pumped up biceps? Taller? (Try Pilates then, you’ll feel and look taller). But be sure your vision is positive, don’t go into it by saying “I want to lose this big, fat belly”, that wouldn’t be very nice. Instead, try “I see a flatter, stronger and firmer mid-section”. Give it a try.

3. Write down you plan – You got your goals and your vision. Now write it down. Pen to paper. Old school.

4. Brainstorm recipes – You’ll want to have quick, easy recipes to go to when life gets crazy and you’re short on time. This way you won’t be tempted by the takeout menu.

5. Focus on your mini-successes – Be sure to celebrate when reach those mini-goals. Manicure, pedicure, facial, a new pair of jeans, whatever it is be sure it’s a pat on the back from yourself to yourself. We all know we’re our own worse critics.

6 – Get a buddy – A workout buddy can keep you accountable and motivated. But be sure to pick wisely. You want someone who wants to change as much as you do. And at any point you realize you two aren’t a good match for workout buddies, politely exit that relationship. Your first priority needs to be yourself.

7 – Invest in a good pair of sneakers – This is very, very important regardless of the workout you’re choosing. This month’s issue of Fitness magazine has great reviews of sneakers for all types of activities.

8 – Menu plan, menu plan – This will save you so much time shopping and cooking. And you can use all that extra time working out.

9 – Work with what you got – If you’ve planned on a 40 minute workout but because of life you only have twenty minutes, do a twenty minute workout. Don’t skip the workout, just make it work for the time you have. Twenty minutes, fifteen minutes, even ten minutes is better than no workout.

10 – Believe in you – Never doubt yourself, never give up on yourself. Believe that you can make the change you want to make because you can.

See, 10 quick and easy tips for your slimdown. It’s not going to be that hard but you will have to do a little work. But then you’re worth it, right?

Do you have any other quick and easy tips that have worked for you or that you are going to try? Come on, share.


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