And Then It Was Fall

Where I’ve been? It’s been awhile and it feels so good to be back here. I’ve missed this blog so much this past year. When I first dipped by toe into the blogging world it was with a fitness blog. Bikini or Bust (yeah, that was my blog’s name) and it was hosted on a fitness community. I had no idea what I was doing but I instantly fell in love with blogging. Though having no one around that was involved with blogging or even knowing what blogs were all about I didn’t have a support system for bouncing ideas around, for getting advice or just having someone to chat with about blogging. I also wasn’t sure if I wanted to blog about fitness. I then spent some time on a food blog but realized that while I love cooking, I didn’t love all the time required to produce a high-quality food blog (photography was a huge time suck). Then I created Secrets of a Healthy Chick. It was all good then I became nervous that I couldn’t sustain a fitness only blog. Could I write about fitness every day for the rest of my life? Wow, looking back that was a lot of pressure to put on myself. Rest of my life? Of course the answer was no. So I took up residence at a lifestyle blog. Which I did enjoy but it never felt right to me. Being here felt right.

So here I am. Back at blog home.

And there are some reasons why I’m back at Secrets of a Healthy Chick.

Call To Adventure

While plotting a novel (I’ve also been writing) there is something known as the Hero’s Journey and it’s used in plotting. Stories usually open up in the hero’s ordinary world where you get to see him in his regular worlds, everything is normal but on the horizon there is the call to adventure which is where he is thrown into something extraordinary and this leads him down a path where he will need to make a decision. Well, my call to adventure came yesterday. I stopped in TJ Maxx to do a little browsing and found a pair of jeans and a skirt. Took both into the fitting room. Then I left the fitting room without either item. The reason? They didn’t fit. Oh, it kills me to write this. But it’s the truth. As I approach fifty I do have a few things working against me but I am in control of how often I workout, how much I move and what I eat. Time to turn things around so that on my next shopping trip I’ll walk out of the store with bags of clothes that fit.


Turning the big Five-O

That’s right. I’m less than 3 months from the BIG birthday and I refuse, absolutely refuse to let myself physically go. Sure, my body is in the midst of changing but I will not sit on the sideline watching life pass by and resign myself to a life lived in elastic waistbands. I want to age healthfully and gracefully and fashionably.

What to expect

Fitness, that’s a given. But I’ll be writing about food. I love to cook and bake and I’ll share my favorite recipes and helpful tips in the kitchen. Nutrition is a huge part of being healthy but life is far too short to pass up a chocolate cupcake. I’ll be sharing my fashion scores because I love to shop (majored in Fashion Buying in college) and every fit chick needs a fashionable wardrobe. After all, life isn’t lived exclusively in sneakers. My pups. You’ll see photos of my two favorite dogs quite often. I am truly shameless when it comes to them.

I’m excited to jump back onto the fitness bandwagon this fall. I’m looking forward to new workouts and selecting my rewards for meeting my goals. I hope that as I settle back here you’ll stop by for a visit every now and again and please say “hi”, I’d love to meet you.