Monday Sweat Report (a day late)

Keeping it real and honest here means posting my workouts. While I settle back into blogging I have decided not to dive into the deep end with the promise of posting every day. That would be setting me up for failure. I’d like to give myself a little breathing room and not have the heavy weight of “I should be…” pushing down on me every second of every day. So my posting goal is very simple and easily attainable. Two posts a week for now. Monday’s I will share my past week’s workouts and then I can post one more day during the week. As the weeks pass I can add another post and another and another if I’m inclined to do so. While I’m keeping it real and honest I’ll also be keeping it sane.

And I’m a day behind. I’m going to pretend that I’m not late.

Lets get on with my workouts from last week.

I was sick for two days, Wednesday and Thursday. No workouts those days.

Monday – treadmill 30 minutes
Tuesday – no workout
Wednesday – treadmill 30 minutes
Saturday – treadmill 30 minutes & Pilates workout
Sunday – no workout

The BIG exciting news is that I got a new piece of fitness equipment and I’ll be sharing in another post what it is and how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.

That’s my week in review. How was your workouts last week? What’s on tap for this week?