No, It Didn’t…

Sadly, it did. I’m talking about the scale.

I stepped on the scale. And found I was up three pounds. On top of the two pounds I added a few weeks ago.

Not liking the number staring back up at me, I just stood there until the number disappeared and only lines showed. Thinking there had to be a mistake. Clearly the scale was wrong. I stepped off then stepped back on.

Now looking back, that was a big mistake. I should have quit while I was ahead.

I wasn’t up 3 pounds.

I was up 3 1/2 pounds. The scale added a half pound in a matter of seconds.



Of course I yelled at the scale. Then I yelled at myself. And there my day was set. I wasn’t sure what I was more angry at. The number on the scale? The fact that I didn’t try hard enough over the past few weeks to make exercise a priority or that I was, even in my 40s, calling myself a failure.

I thought by the time I hit my 40s I’d stop that type of behavior. That by now I’d be a fully evolved “40s is the new 30s” kinda gal who knows she has more to offer the world other than a slim size 4 figure.

Guess I was wrong. That behavior just doesn’t disappear when you hit a benchmark birthday. Maybe no matter what our age, we will still always hear that voice that judges us harshly but would never judge a friend in the same light. Hmmm.

But, maybe there is some hope. I found that mid-day I’d let go of my preoccupation with the scale incident and THAT number. And later in the evening, after I hit the treadmill for twenty minutes (all the spare time I had) and got the dogs out for a walk, I heard an amazing sentence from the most unlikely source.

The source? The Home Shopping Channel.


Heather Thomson was selling her Yummie Tummie line and she showed that inside a pair of leggings the inspirational saying “women should adore their bodies” was written.

Who would have thought that such profoundness would be discovered in a pair of leggings being sold on HSN.

I wonder if there are any sayings written inside the set of briefies I ordered. I’ll let you know.

Lesson of the day – Be kind to yourself and do as Heather Thomson (one of my favorite Housewives by the way) says – adore your body.