Shih-Tzu Saturday

This weekend Susie is all set for St. Patrick’s day. But the little Irish diva wouldn’t stay still for her picture to be taken. I’m lucky (guess it’s the luck o’ the Irish) that I got any pics of her yesterday.

031513 006

Billy on the other hand is always ready for his close-up.

032512 020

Happy Saturday!



Shih-Tzu Saturday

The girl didn’t want to get out of bed. I really can’t blame her.

021513 004

The moment I got Billy to focus on something other than food.

122312 014

Happy Birthday, Billy

Billy turned 8 years old and the little guy is having a great birthday. He got a new Angry Bird toy. It’s number 4 I believe. He just loves those little toys. He’s grown into an amazing dog. Sweet, lovable, good-natured and he listens. He is my little shadow 24/7 and I can’t imagine not having him around.

Happy Birthday, little dude!

012713 014

Shih-Tzu Saturday

Susie manages to squeeze herself down between the sofa cushions and the back of the cushions. She’ll sleep for hours there.

Billy April 2010 036

Billy chills on the sofa, too. But he prefers the cushions to tight spaces.

Billy April 2010 010


Six Workouts and a Thanksgiving

One of the Thanksgiving traditions around here has been to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (I grew up with that parade and had the opportunity one year to be in it – full-on costume and a little dancing) some of the other traditions included my grandmother’s turnips and watching a holiday movie later in the day. This year I decided to shake things up and include a tradition I’ve always wanted to added to Thanksgiving day but never seemed to do.

What is the new tradition?

A workout, of course!

Nothing huge, no 5k here. I just made a point of it to get on my treadmill and I watched an episode of Castle while I banked some calories I’d use later at dessert.

Once we all sat down to Thanksgiving dinner (and yes, Stella and BB made an appearance in our backyard early in the day) the holiday season was in full swing. But I did not indulge in any shopping that involved me leaving the house, rather I shopped a little online. Clicking onĀ  a few keys was so much easier than getting in the car and fighting the crowds at retail.

But that doesn’t mean I had a completely relaxing weekend. In preparation for the craziness that is Christmas, I took the opportunity three free days offered me to clean, clean and clean. In retrospect, I think all the cleaning was another workout that I haven’t counted. While I was busy tidying up, the pups got to spend one day at the groomer. They got to play all day with the other dogs and be pampered. Not a bad life, huh?

A quick pix when I got them home.

After their dinner (both were starving when they got home) they crashed. What a life.

Now, it’s time to review what I did and when I did it.

Monday – Pilates Class

Tuesday – Pump, Jump & Jab workout

Wednesday – 30 minutes treadmill

Thursday – 30 minutes treadmill

Friday – 30 minutes Mari Winsor Pilates & 30 minutes treadmill

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – 35 minutes treadmill