Shih-Tzu (plus a Turkey) Saturday

We’re waiting on spring.


Easter2013 041


Easter2013 042

Stella. She’s back!

040312 - AsparagusWrap 001


Shih-Tzu Saturday

This weekend Susie is all set for St. Patrick’s day. But the little Irish diva wouldn’t stay still for her picture to be taken. I’m lucky (guess it’s the luck o’ the Irish) that I got any pics of her yesterday.

031513 006

Billy on the other hand is always ready for his close-up.

032512 020

Happy Saturday!


Shih-Tzu Saturday

Susie manages to squeeze herself down between the sofa cushions and the back of the cushions. She’ll sleep for hours there.

Billy April 2010 036

Billy chills on the sofa, too. But he prefers the cushions to tight spaces.

Billy April 2010 010